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Steve ZARETTI R&D Engineer
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Birthday10 Nov 1992
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Graduated with a Master's degree in Computer Science, I currently hold the position of a R&D Engineer at ACIC, while also serving as a professor in social promotion, teaching in the evening classes. My passion for programming was ignited during my early years, and I thoroughly enjoy consistently broadening and refining my technical skills every day.

Professional Experience
R&D Engineer, ACIC

As a software developer specialized in Artificial Intelligence, my primary role at ACIC has been to guide and propel our technological capabilities towards the state-of-the-art frontier within the AI domain. My expertise lies mainly in object detection, leveraging resource-efficient Convolutional Neural Networks architectures to deliver optimal results. With ACIC, I've been working on various collaborative Research & Development initiatives, including but not limited to:

Jan 2017 – present
  • SmartCount (2016 – 2018): Modelized CCTV field of view; benchmarked Machine-Learning vs Deep-Learning approach to crowd numbering problem. Our experimentation during this project highlighted the superior performance of the ResNet model, which emerged during the project timeline, against traditional pattern matching in real-time scenarios. At the end of the project, we've chosen YOLOv3 with automatized hyperparameter based on the field of view and density of the scene. The insights and outcomes of this project paved the way for a new ACIC project known as CrowdNumbering.
  • MobiLearn (2017 – 2020): This project applied deep learning techniques to Smart-Cities scenarios. In addition, it involved road lanes and curves detection using only conventional Computer Vision. During MobiLearn, ACIC created its proprietary dataset derived from public CCTV footage focused on road traffic. The project yielded ACIC's first production-ready model built on the YOLOv4-tiny architecture, and also served as an initial exploration into Multiple Object Tracking. It laid the groundwork for the ACIC Traffic solution, but some works still required to have a production-ready quality scenario.
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  • IRIS (2019 – 2022): Here we used deep-Learning on thermal images to detect and track small targets (around 20 pixels heights). We achieved this with a bi-spectral model and a custom training loss function. One significant area of focus within IRIS was introducing temporality to our software based on DNN model outcomes. This effort significantly enhanced our MOT tracker, boosting the performance of our AI-driven PeopleCounting solution compared to the conventional version. The bi-spectral model and the new tracker also advanced our PanoramaDetection thanks to the bi-spectral model and the new tracker.
  • ReconnAIssance (2022 – present): This ongoing project focuses on detecting objects that are lost in train stations using edge devices. The project is ongoing, but as of writing, we succeeded at building our first edge model to have the same detection capability as their server version using a student/teacher approach on a specific scenario thanks to distillation loss. The edge model version has 6x fewer parameters, we are now trying to quantize it to reduce even more!
  • Teacher, ISIPS & HEPH Condorcet

    In addition to my roles in the tech industry, I have found great reward in sharing my knowledge and experience as a Higher Education Instructor. I provide instruction exclusively during evening hours, accommodating students who are committed during conventional hours and providing an opportunity for continuous learning. This tailored approach facilitates learning for individuals who are occupied during regular hours and are looking to further their education in the IT sector.

    Sep 2018 – present
  • One of my key offerings is a comprehensive course in Computer Network, mirroring the curriculum offered by the globally recognized CISCO CCNA certification. This course provides both a theoretical understanding and practical skills in the realm of networking, enabling students to manage and troubleshoot network infrastructures effectively.
  • In addition, I conduct a course on Linux System Administration, guiding students to become proficient in managing Linux-based systems. This course digs into essential aspects of Linux administration, outfitting students with the expertise to navigate the open-source operating system.
  • Occasionally, I also give some teach sessions on Algorithms and Object-Oriented Programming. These classes take into core programming concepts and techniques, assisting students in sharpening their coding insightfulness and understanding the logic behind efficient software development.
  • Software developer internship, M.H. Consultants

    During my internship, I built a form generator for giving psychological tests. This tool was made using ASP.NET and JavaScript. Some form was dynamic to detect attention issues. I worked on all parts of this project, from discussing the initial needs with the client to carrying out the final tests.

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    Indie game developer

    This was my first big project where I've created a role-playing modification in the game Counter-Strike in SourcePawn. The full project contains more than 100K lines of code, and more than 30K different players were actively playing this mod!

    2014 – 2017

    I also took on the role of the main system administrator, hosting online sessions of this mod. My core duties included devising and implementing measures to mitigate the repercussions of network attacks, a role that proved crucial in guaranteeing the game kept running smoothly and without interruption.

    CSMF, Board Member, CE/CPPT President

    Beyond my academic and professional commitments, I have been privileged to serve as a member of the Board of Directors at a local educational institution, which is notably where I received my education. In this strategic role, I am directly involved in guiding substantial investments and shaping the pedagogical trajectory of the school. As part of the board, we continuously evaluate our academic offerings, invest in impactful projects, and ensure our decisions align with our commitment to providing quality education.

    Jun 2019 – present

    Further expanding on my leadership roles, I preside over both the Works Council (CE) and the Committee for Prevention and Protection at Work (CPPT). As the President of these committees, my mission is to maintain a robust and constructive social dialogue between the employee's delegation and the management committee. Balancing the interests of these groups, I facilitate an open dialogue to ensure a harmonious work environment. By listening, mediating, and promoting consensus, I strive to keep our institution a productive, safe, and satisfying place to work and learn.

    C (AINSI, C99)|C++ (C++03, C++11)Deep Learning (YOLOv2-v7, custom loss, custom data augmentation)|Computer Vision (OpenCV)Linux (Debian, CentOS, Docker)|Network & Security (CCNA, SE-Linux, iptables)Python (Python 3.7)|JavaScript (TypeScript, Angular)
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    Sep 2015 – Jun 2018
    Board games
    Roleplaying games
    New space
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